Women in Technology

Women in Technology

Join us for the Women in Technology at Community Summit Australia! 

Friday 21 August, 11:20 am – 12:20 pm

Women in technology are dealing with similar challenges, craving similar opportunities, seeking new ways to grow, and looking for like-minded professionals with whom to share their experiences. This session is entirely dedicated to learning and sharing how we can mentor and empower women to succeed in technology-related fields. Everyone is welcome to attend to share stories and information to help build a path to success bringing new like-minded people into your personal network.

Here are some examples of the kinds of topics and questions that may be discussed:

  • Advice for starting a tech career
  • Improve your odds of succeeding in tech 
  • Obstacles overcome by women in technology careers 
  • The importance of education 
  • Do women create their own glass ceiling? 
  • How to amplify the voice of women 
  • Do you need a degree in technology to run your own tech company? 
  • Building a network 
  • Where do I find support to become successful? 
  • Role models and mentors